"But it doesn't matter now. Just come and love me how, like the way you used to do"

Josh Homme: "The most important aspect of making this record was redefining our sound, asking and answering the question, 'What do we sound like now?'. If you can't make a great first record, you should just stop - but if you can make a great record but you keep making records and your sound doesn't evolve, you become a parody of that original sound."

"I can't. She said, I'd save you but I can't love"

"Τι νόημα έχει να ρωτάς ένα καθρέφτη ραγισμένο..."

Διάφανα Κρίνα: "Πήραμε την απόφαση να συνεχίσουμε. Ως οφείλαμε, απέναντι στους εαυτούς μας και απέναντι στους ανθρώπους που αγαπάνε τη μουσική μας. Γιατί πολύ απλά, αυτή η τρελή σφαίρα εξακολουθεί να γυρίζει, περιστρέφοντας μαζί της, όλο αυτό το παράξενο και ωραίο παιχνίδι δίχως νόημα, που είναι η ανθρώπινη ύπαρξη. Είμαστε έτοιμοι να αντιμετωπίσουμε την οποιαδήποτε δυσπιστία. Γιατί αυτή δεδομένων των συνθηκών, είναι ανθρώπινο – για κάποιους – να υπάρχει. Εμείς, θα αφήσουμε το ίδιο μας το έργο να μιλήσει. Γιατί ξέρουμε πολύ καλά πως το έργο είναι αίτημα ζωής, πεισματική άρνηση κάθε συμβιβασμού με τον θάνατο."

"Other people"

Eugene Robinson: "If you've followed any Oxbow record it might feel like being dropped into the middle of a book, which largely, is exactly what’s happening. So making this record was for me, a way to complete the song cycle that started with 'Fuckfest'."

'Thin Black Duke'

Eugene Robinson: "Oxbow's entire oeuvre is as challenging of a thing as I have ever been involved in, and whose "success" was never guaranteed as it was about war with self, others, fate, circumstance and shorn of a moral framework, making it strange to use, but a certain kind of evil. Tough to spend 5 minutes like this. Even tougher to do so for 25 years. Post-Thin Black Duke… the expectation should be for a kinder and more beautiful Oxbow. Because? Because we've earned it. Maybe.
You may not enjoy Thin Black Duke, but it'll be one of the best records you've heard.

"Hot thoughts all in your mind, all of the time"

Spoon's Britt Daniel: "'Hot Thoughts' sounds different to our other records - if it was ground we’d covered before, we tried to stay away from it. What Dave [Fridmann] is interested in is fucking things up, making sounds that are abrasive, confrontational or surprising. He says, “Subtlety is our enemy.” To me, the best way to get somewhere is to have a bit of intention with a song, but then you throw some things at it that you never could’ve expected. When that happens, the beautiful stuff comes. So I feel good about where we are now. But it also feels like a dark time."